Our Fresh Ingredients

Our Fresh Ingredients are at the base of our idea of cooking, we are passionate, curious, always looking for the right way to enhance our territory and what it has to offer us. This is why we directly grow many of the vegetables and fruits that we use in our kitchen, to ensure the highest quality of our dishes.

Our small farm and the lands we cultivate, set in the valley of Lusiana Conco, offer us always fresh and organically grown products. The native orchards produce apples and pears that we use for jams and marmalades, the vegetable gardens are seasonal vegetables, an essential ingredient in many of our dishes.

Our orchards

Our garden

Collaborations and Territory

Ensuring the highest quality of our dishes is precisely a fundamental feature of our philosophy in the kitchen, to do this we use a series of local suppliers scrupulously selected and animated, like us, by passion and love for the raw material. This does not necessarily mean km0, as in fact giving up the excellences that the whole of Italy can offer; rather, it means taking inspiration from the territory, looking even further, mediating between seasonality and tradition.

Speck Veneto and Smoked Malga Ricotta

Asiago Riserva, Quadrifoglio and Caciotta al Rosemary


Red Cabbage and Artichokes