The gnocchi

The gnocchi, for us a starting point and inspiration. It all started with the Lusiana-Conco Gnocchi Festival, a historic event capable of attracting up to 22,000 people in a week to taste this specialty as widespread as it is particular. This is where the idea is born, where the first flavors are discovered, the first products are processed and experimentation begins. And where we stayed, for the love of a territory that has given us so much and still has so much to offer.

Family management

We are a modern family-run restaurant with a young and close-knit team where ideas, work and passion come together in constant research. If you perceive a familiar, pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, then you understand what we want to convey to the Casa del Gnocco.

Our Territory

We are fortunate to find ourselves in a place rich in excellent raw materials with an important gastronomic tradition, thanks to the particular geographical conformation of the territory that favors both the cultivation of numerous types of native fruits (apples and pears above all), both a flourishing beekeeping, together with the inevitable mountain pastures.