We often change our menu, follow the seasons and adapt our dishes to the availability of the freshest raw material.

A la carte menu

Sorana tartare "local farm"

Anchovies, toasted pine nuts, Carasau bread, Wasabi mayonnaise and Organic Salad.

Hummus of Chickpeas

With dehydrated olives, caper powder, basil mayonnaise and confit tomatoes.

Boston scallops

On a carrot cream flavored with rosemary, composed of red onion, coffee and hazelnuts.

Gnocchi Mussels

Ristretto di mare, Basil sauce and Burrata stracciatella.

Curry Butter Cream Gnocchi

Butter Cream (Malga Verde) with Curry with Spiced Iberian Pig Ragout and Blueberries.

Fave cream tagliatelle

Broad bean cream, Caper powder, Lime gel and Scampi tartare.

Porcini Tagliatelle

Fresh porcini mushrooms, black truffle from Lusiana Conco and vinegar with wild berries.

Traditional combinations:

Cream of tomato sauce and Burrata stracciatella.

Butter Cream (Malga Verde) and local Sage with smoked Malga Ricotta.

Rag├╣ Antico (cooked in an earthenware pot).

Marsan Zucchini Cream, Pink Shrimp Tails and Toasted Buckwheat.

Red Tuna Tataki with Sesame

Jerusalem artichoke cream, mint and sauteed turnip greens.

Belly of suckling pig

With smoked potato cream, Demiglace chard and yuzukisho apple compote.

Sliced beef "local farm"

With Sandblasted Potatoes and Caramelized Red Onion Cream and Veal Stock.

Mediterranean Octopus Tentacle

Jerusalem artichoke cream, Salicornia marinated with orange Chorizo chips and Octopus BBQ sauce.

Giro Malghe:

tasting of cheeses from the territory of the seven municipalities with various compotes and local honey in combination

Decomposed tiramisu

Cocoa biscuit, Mascarpone cream, Creamy chocolate and coffee accompanied with a hazelnut wafer.

White chocolate mousse

Dehydrated Taggiasca olive, Banana glazed with balsamic vinegar and Parsley biscuit.

Tartlet with fresh fruit

Custard with Mango and Forest Fruit Soup.

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