We often change our menu, follow the seasons and adapt our dishes to the availability of the freshest raw material.

A la carte menu

Raw scallop

Raw scallop, pomegranate, teriaki, lemon balm, toasted almonds, lemon.

Sorana tartare

Sorana tartare, shitake, bean, radish, herbs

Pork cheek

Pork cheek, cauliflower, leek, glasswort

Pagro in three consistencies

Pagro in three consistencies, gazpacho, orange, marjoram

Garden salad

Garden salad, osmosis vegetables, cannellini beans hummus


Tagliolino, mushrooms, berries, wild boar, chanterelles


Fusillone, chicory, green beans, kalamansi, goat cheese, walnuts

Creamed turbot ravioli

Creamed turbot ravioli, yellow cherry tomato, peas (with added caviar 10€)


Gyoza, porcini mushrooms, red prawns, yuzu

Gnocchi Gourmet

Burro acido allo zafferano, calamaretti, seppioline, liquirizia

Burro al curry, pulled di pollo, mango

Traditional Gnocchi

Butter, sage and smoked ricotta

Burrata tomato

Ancient ragout

Duck breast

Duck breast, tonkatsu, carrot, tarragon, lemonade endive, ginger

Prussian Manzetta Cuberoll

Manzetta Prussiana cuberoll, potatoes, red onion, demiglace

Semi-raw Amberjack

Semi-raw amberjack, courgette, mint, fennel, black garlic

Seared octopus

Seared octopus, mashed potato, lemon, herbs, BBQ spinach, marinated tomato


Decomposed peach cheesecake


Tart, salted caramel, hazelnuts, ice cream

Caramelized pineapple

Caramelized pineapple, coconut, white chocolate, passion fruit, cocoa bean

Takeaway Gnocchi

We are thrilled to announce that our delicious artisan gnocchi are now available for take-out at our restaurant, and we have made the experience of taking them home even more pleasant and efficient with our handy thermal bag.

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