Our roots

Next to our restaurant, in Piazza di Santa Caterina, there is a small shop with attention to the smallest details, this place for us is much more than a simple village shop. It is a place of history and warmth that reminds us of the deep roots of our family. Lovingly established by our dear grandmother years ago, this charming emporium continues to shine beside us.

If it hadn’t been for this shop and for Grandma Mirella, our restaurant wouldn’t exist, it was her idea to open a restaurant alongside the historic family business.

A small world of wonders

The walls of the shop are adorned with a multitude of original objects, enchanting dresses and household treasures, each carrying a fragment of their grandmother’s lively and creative personality.

Grandma’s shop is not just a place to sell things, but a window into our family heritage. Each piece tells the story of a past full of passion and dedication, a tribute to the grandmother who spent years caring for and nurturing this hidden jewel. Every corner is a little world of wonders.

As time passes and the world evolves, Grandma’s shop stands firm, a beacon of tradition and originality that always reminds us where we came from and inspires us to embrace the future with the same creative and loving spirit that our grandmother passed on to us. .